LinkBroad launch WeChat customer service helpdesk

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LinkBroad’s public WeChat account – 岭博云管家(Yun Butler) has provided quick access to BroadYun and real-time system’s notifications. The platform had provided great convenience to our customers. To further enhance service efficiency and providing a better experience for our customers, LinkBroad launch online customer service helpdesk via Yun Butler. Customers can use this platform to log technical support case via the online chat directly.
      For existing customers, they are required to log onto BroadYun via their computer and bind the account to their personal WeChat account to access Yun Butler.

We will continue to understand the needs of our customers and users and develop more new functions and/or launch more new services in near future.

 For more information and latest updates, please follow LinkBroad’s WeChat official account.



2020年4月30日 10:10